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Electric Shaver for Men Rechargeable Flex Razor 3 Head Dry Wet Shaving Machine

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Main Features

3 Blades, 360 degree float shaving
The Xiaomi electric shaver designed with 360 degree floating system and 3 blades. 
it can easily handle the facial hair of different corners of the face and leave no trace.

Dicyclic Knife Net  Dicyclic Blade
Xiaomi electric razor adopts dicyclic knife net design. The amount of beard increases by 50 percent compared with single-ring knife net. the inner and outer ring blades perfectly match the distribution of the inner and outer ring meshes and effectively balance the shaving efficency.



Acceleration Gear, Deep Cleansing
It has two gears: standard gear and acceleration gear:
This standard gear is suitable for users with a general beard density.
The acceleration gear suitable for the deep cleansing needs of the thick bearded users, offer 3.9m / second cutting speed.


Fast Charge for 2 hours and run for 60 Minutes
The Xiaomi shaver is equipped with a built in lithium battery.
It can run for 60 minutes in full power and can be shaved 30 times.


IPX7 Waterproof, Dry Wet Shaving 
It uses the IPX7 waterproof design.
The machine can be washed directly, very convenient.